Ioannis Paschos


Dr. Giannis Paschos is Professor Emeritus of Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Epirus. He graduated from Zosimaia School of Ioannina, he studied and graduated from the Department of Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and he specialized in aquaculture in Hungary and Norway. He worked in hatcheries and in 1997 he took over as Head of the Aquaculture Laboratory of TEI Epirus. His contribution to the development of trout farming was determinant and with his colleagues succeeded in Greece the artificial reproduction of most commercial fish species in inland waters. He participated as Scientific Director in many research projects, he represented Greece in international meetings and served as a reviewer for scientific journals. As guest speaker he participated in conferences and scientific meetings in Greece and abroad. He was Scientific Director of Postgraduate Programs in the field of aquaculture and other specialization courses. In collaboration with the Greek Action in Africa he undertook the education of people in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. His book entitled "Inland Aquaculture” has been a key textbook for the course of aquaculture in several Universities and Technological Educational Institutes and the book entitled "Fish as a symbol and artifact: interpretation attempts" (collective work) is a unique case in Greek and international literature. Giannis Paschos is actively engaged in literature. His literary work includes collections of poems and short stories. He publishes articles in the daily press, in magazines and social media.


Nikolaos Anagnopoulos


He has graduated from the University of Athens, Department of Biology, Athens and he holds MSc from the Institute for the Biological Exploitation of Lagoons of the National Council for Research, Lesina (FG), Italy. He has a long experience in subjects of fisheries, aquaculture, aquatic environment and rural development. He has worked in public and private sector. In private sector he has worked as technical consultant-advisor of aquaculture companies and their professional associations, and as an owner of an aquaculture company, as well. In public sector he has worked as officer or technical advisor for the implementation of fisheries and environmental programs and projects. He has conducted and supervised numerous studies and programs, he is also writer of several articles concerning mostly fisheries and aquaculture sectors and he has participated in many congresses and committees in Greece and abroad.


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The Federation of Greek Maricultures was established in 1991. Since 1991 FGM is focusing in the promotion and establishment of the successful development of the Greek Mariculture Industry. The companies - members of FGM - represent the 80% of the total production capacity in sea bream and sea bass. The successful production and rapid development of the sea bass and sea bream in marine cages represents a popular production model in the international mariculture industry.



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