HydroMediT 2016

2nd International Congress on Applied Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment

10 - 12 November 2016, Messolonghi, Greece



Call for Papers Extended

New Deadline:  5th September 2016


(CALL FOR PAPERS: 31st May 2016)

detailed instructions will follow soon



Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We would like to thank you for your support to our previous congresses, and also your warm support to HydroMedit 2014, the first one of our new series, that gathered 410 participants from 17 countries. We hope that we’ll have your continuous support to our next Congress, aiming to maintain our effort for the establishment of a more enhanced and multidisciplinary forum, for which one we'll update your information.

Final dates for HydroMediT 2016 are Thursday 10th, to Saturday 12th, November 2016. The place is Messolonghi, a small and picturesque city of Western Greece. The working language for all participants and students will be English. Papers in Greek will be accepted under special conditions, that will be described in the 2nd Announcement. Moreover at least one workshop and a round table are scheduled.

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Messolonghi is an historical city 250 km from Athens, located in an area, which comprises about 50% of the lakes and lagoons in Greece, producing 25% of the annual fish production from extensive aquaculture.

Home to the historical Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture Technology, as it was founded back at 1981 as the first higher education's department in Greece offering specific courses on these subjects, the city and its nearby areas offers facilities for most major extreme sports, and famous cultural events.

The registration fees for the participants will remain at a very affordable rate, and until 31st of October 2016 will be:

·       120 Euro for Companies (VAT 23% not included)

·       80 Euro for Non-Members

·       40 Euro for the Members of organisers, co-organisers, and supporters

·       20 Euro for Post-Graduate Students (With a Student ID)

·       10 Euro for Students (With a Student ID)

All registrations include CD of Proceedings, Book of Abstract, Delegate’s envelope and Coffee brakes.

For registration after the above date or on site add 20 euros for Companies / Non-Members, and 10 euros for Members.

Colleagues interested to be members of our organisers, co-organisers and supporters are invited to visit their sites for information.


For the Organising Committee

George Katselis

Chairman of the Congress

General Information – Fields of Interest

Scope of our International Congress is the presentation of latest developments, new methods and technologies, trends and research activities in Greece and abroad and the exchange of opinions and knowledge.

HydroMediT 2016 will focus on research and innovation technology applied mainly in the Mediterranean and its adjacent waters, but interesting solutions from other parts of the world will also be accepted.

Papers will be peer reviewed by two (2) reviewers and only those accepted by the Scientific Committee will be presented. The oral presentations must be less than 15 minutes.

A Poster Session will be included in the Congress. Scientific Committee reserves the right to re-assign submission to a different type of presentation (from oral to poster), especially if the paper submitted is written in Greek. Proceedings will be delivered on delegates upon arrival on site (in digital format).


The main theme of the Congress will be: "Global  trends  and  innovations  for the sustainable development of aquaculture & fisheries in our region".


General fields of interest will be the following:

1.   Aquaculture
2.   Fisheries
3.   Processing of Aquatic Products
4.   Economics and Marketing of Fisheries Products
5.   Environmental Management
6.   Inland Aquatic Resources

The above general fields can include the following topics, as a non exhaustive list:

Field 1st: Aquaculture

Ø  Sustainable & Organic Aquaculture

Ø  Aquaculture Genetics, Physiology, Nutrition & Welfare

Ø  Novel management practices

Ø  Ichthyopathology

Ø  Innovative Biotechnological applications & products

Ø  Aquaculture - Environment interactions

Ø  Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture

Ø  New Species with Commercial Interest

Ø  New Farming Methods and Techniques

Field 2nd: Fisheries

Ø  Fisheries Management

Ø  Fisheries Policy

Ø  Management of Renewable Biological Resources

Ø  New Fishing Techniques

Ø  Fishery Socio-Economic Indices

Field 3rd: Processing of Aquatic Products

Ø  Hygiene of Products and Consumer’s Safety

Ø  Product control & microorganisms risk assessment

Ø  Processing of Products & quality

Ø  Products & techniques of promotion

Ø  Product authentication & certification

Field 4th: Economics and Marketing of Fisheries Products

Ø  Competitive Fisheries Products

Ø  Fisheries Products Marketing

Ø  Fisheries Politics, Policies & Sustainable Management of Fisheries Production

Ø  Innovative Productivity in Fisheries Production

Ø  Sustainability Criteria of the Enterprises

Field 5th: Environmental Management

Ø  Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Aquaculture

Ø  Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Fisheries

Ø  Environmental Management Systems

Ø  Sustainable water resources management

Ø  Environmental planning

Ø  Environmental risk management

Ø  Ecosystem Conservation & Biodiversity

Ø  Monitoring Ecosystem Health


Field 6th: Inland Aquatic Resources

Ø  Eco-Hydrology & Limnology

Ø  Wetlands and Aquatic Systems Management

Ø  Estuary Ecosystems, Transitional waters

Ø  Modelling and Monitoring of Aquatic Ecosystems

Ø  Legislation and Administrative Frameworks



Organising Committee (OC)

·     Katselis George, TEIWG-M (Chairman)

·     Arvanitoyannis Ioannis, UTH

·     Batargias Costas, TEIWG-M

·     Berillis Panagiotis, UTH

·     Boziaris Ioannis, UTH

·     Exadactylos Athanasios, UTH

·     Moutopoulos Dimitrios, TEIWG-M

·     Ramfos Alexis, TEIWG-M

·     Skordas Konstantinos, UTH

·     Tsoumani Maria-Miranda, PASTI

·     Tyligadas Ilias, PASTI

·     Vlahos Nikolaos, PASTI

·     Chatziefstathiou Michael, PASTI  (Executive Secretary)

Local Organising Committee (LOC)

·     Douvi Xanthi, TEIWG-M & PASTI

·     Tseremeglis Andreas, PASTI

·     Fourtouni Anna, TEIWG-M & PASTI



Scientific Committee (SC)


Final list to be announced…




Awarding Ceremony of Academic & Professional Excellence


The organisers will honour for their excellence and their invaluable contribution to the fisheries sector an Academic, a Professional, and a Company.

Organised by:

Department of Ichthyology
and Aquatic Environment (DIAE),
School of Agricultural Sciences,
University of Thessaly (UTH)


 Panhellenic Society of
Ichthyologists (PASTI)


Co-organised by:

Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture Technology,
Technological Educational Institute(TEI) of
Western Greece (Mesolonghi Campus)


Hellenic Geotechnical Chamber (GEOTEE) &
Geotechnical Chamber of Central Greece







Supported by:

European Aquaculture Society (EAS)


American Fisheries Society (AFS)


Faculty of Agriculture- University of Belgrade
Grb stit

 Iranian Ornamental Fish Society (IOFS)


Mazandaran Science & Technology Park

Panhellenic Union of Graduate Ichthyologists Working on Public Sector (PEPIAED)





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